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The ASEAN Digital Arts Association (ASEDAS) congratulates all ASEDAS 2021 participants and strategic partners on the success of ASEDAS 2021. This project started from a discussion at a digital art exhibition with the theme of ‘Warisan” in February 2020 at Maranatha Christian University and UPI, by Prof. Madya A. Tarmizi Azizan (UMK), Dr. Asep Herry Hermawan, M.Pd. (Director of UPI Cibiru), Dr. Ariesa Pandanwangi, S.Sn. (MCU / Community of 22 Ibu), Mrs. Maya Purnama Sari (UPI), Mrs. Dian (UPI) and Mr. Fahmi (UPI), until finally the idea came up to create a digital art exhibition involving many countries. The first ASEDAS exhibition was held in June 2020 with the theme New Norm of Future Art in Asean and World Communities. The second exhibition will be held in June 2021 and hosted by Art and Design Faculty of Maranatha Christian University with the theme New Hope which increased rapidly in appreciation.

Today, ASEDAS is internationally renowned in the fields of digital art, traditional art, and graphics. Based on ASEDAS 2021 statistics and after being evaluated by an international Jury Panel from various countries, compared with ASEDAS 2020, it was agreed ASEDAS 2021 provided an increase in terms of number of works of art, number of countries, and the number of entries increased by almost 90 % dramatically.

  1. The number of selected artworks is 1016
  2. The number of participants is increasing from 402 to 1449
  3. The number of entries is increasing from 524 to 2072
  4. The number of countries participate is increasing from 32 to 60

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all those who have supported and been involved in this event. Let’s enjoy every art work in this digital exhibition. And hopefully this can be significant contributions and new hope for art movement in Asia and the world

However, due to the enthusiasm of participants from various countries, we are currently still in the process of uploading works to our virtual and web galleries. Thank you for your understanding.