24 March 2023
09.00 -- 15.30
Bedah Komik Lao Sam 1892
Gedung B Lt. 5, Universitas Kristen Maranatha
17 March 2023
09.00 -- 12.00
Workshop Ecoprint “Mari Membuat Syal Ecoprint”
Lantai 5 Prodi Seni Murni, Gedung B Universitas Kristen Maranatha
16 March 2023
09.00 -- 13.00
DIES NATALIS XVIII “Berkarya Bagi Negeri”
Exhibition Hall Gedung B Lantai 1 (berlanjut ke Lantai 5-9), Universitas Kristen Maranatha
15 March 2023
10.00 -- 16.00
Pameran Tunggal Prof. Dr. Setiawan Sabana, MFA “Nusantara Tenis Meja Kemanusiaan”
Exhibition Hall, Gedung B Lantai 1, Universitas Kristen Maranatha
25 February 2023
10.00 -- 14.00
Maranatha Art Day
GSG Lt. 1 Gedung B
07 February 2023
Contenporary Cultural Difussion
Gedung B, 4th floor,
March 2023
March 2023
March 2023
March 2023
February 2023
February 2023
Welcome to

Faculty of Art and Design

Irena Vanessa Gunawan, S.T., M.Com.
Dekan Fakultas Seni Rupa dan Desain

Welcome to the Faculty of Art and Design of Maranatha Christian University! With five study programs consisting of D3 Fine Arts and Design, S1 Fine Arts, S1 Interior Design, S1 Visual Communication Design and our cool newcomer S1 Architecture, we have a vision and are determined to "become one of the organizers of higher education in art and design the best in Indonesia in 2034 with global insights that are based on the nation's cultural wealth and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit based on Christian life values." Therefore you are in the right place to become an agile and leading generation in the field of Fine Arts and Design, because our mission is “To organize the Tridharma of Higher Education to produce creative and innovative graduates with competition in the fields of art and design in the global era. based on the nation's cultural richness, entrepreneurial spirit, and adhering to the values ​​of Christian life” With FSRD Maranatha PRIDE! STRENGTH! UNITY! Join us to unleash your full potential in the field of art and design.

Why FSRD Maranatha?

In addition to providing a wide choice of study programs in the field of fine arts and design, the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of Maranatha Christian University also has many advantages. Here are 5 advantages of the Faculty of Art and Design Universitas Kristen Maranatha:



Studying at FSRD Maranatha is very interesting and has many challenges. We learn to face the work field and deal with clients with the process similar to what we faced […]
Andhy Wijaya, S.Sn.
Owner of In-Space Studio
Alumni S1- Desain Interior, Angkatan 2006
As the parents of Kendrick Alberto Yoesuf (1163057). We are pleased, our child is studying at Interior Design Program in Maranatha University. We clearly see after graduation, our son and […]
Wang Pei Ling & Yoe Yen Chie
Orang Tua Mahasiswa Desain Interior, Angkatan 2011


Diploma Program in Arts and Design
Bachelor Program in Fine Arts
Bachelor Program in Interior Design
Bachelor Program in Visual Communication Design
Bachelor Program in Architecture


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