Michelle Angela

The Grahadi building, previously known as tuinhuis, is located on Jalan Governor Suryo, Surabaya, East Java. This building was designed by a Dutch architect, W. Lemci, and built-in 1794-1798 during the Dutch reign of Dirk Van Hogendorp. This building, which at that time functioned as a house facing north towards the Mas River. It’s because, during the day, the residents used to drink tea while looking at the boats along the river. Because in the past, the Kalimas River was a trade route and was used by ships from various countries to send supplies of spices to their countries. Then, in 1802, the location of this building was changed to face south. Furthermore, in 1810, during the reign of Herman William Daendels, the building was renovated into a royal style or Dutch Colonial Villa by J.W.B. Wardenaar. This building has large, ornate colonial doors. This adds to the attractive impression of the building. And now the Grahadi State Building is the meeting hall as well as the official residence for the Governor of East Java. In addition, this building also often used for ceremonies and other events.