Jessica Novia Christy

House of Sampoerna is a heritage building that was built in 1862, located in Taman Sampoerna no 6, Krembangan Utara, Surabaya. This building is using Dutch colonial style for its architecture until now, it is like four large pillars that support the main building, patri door and windows. This building used to be a boys orphanage named Jogens Wezeen Inrichting, managed by Dutch. In 1932, in the colonial era, this building was purchased by Liem Seeng Tee to build a factory for his business to sell kretek cigarettes, made from tobacco and cloves, which is Indonesian spices. This kretek cigarette is an original Indonesian product, because of that, Liem Sang Tee indirectly became a spice trader in the colonial era and from selling this kretek cigarette, he became a successful person. In 2003, House of Sampoerna became a museum that focuses on historical preservation, art, and culture.