Elliati Djakaria

Increasing public awareness of health, encouraging the search for natural ingredients to support their daily activities. This spice that is rich in antioxidants and has many medicinal properties, is used to maintain health. Spices can be used as natural preservatives to limit microbial activity and maintain the quality of meat and poultry products. Spices as organic ingredients that give off a distinctive aroma can be used for Indonesian cooking ingredients and can be exotic air fresheners.
The workshop model with the ATUMICS method helps to explore the rich potential of Indonesian spices in the form of lawing flowers, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, through experiments and simulations into air freshener products. The traditional technique of using rope is now being renewed by combining traditional techniques and the “Meronce” technique. Additional material innovation in products in the form of beads is the main key. Apart from displaying the beauty of the shape and texture of the natural material, these spices emit exotic aromas and are nicely designed so that they have a more attractive appearance, without losing their function. This work reintroduces the younger generation to the value and use of Indonesian spices in a contemporary form, where the material is abundantly available in Indonesia. This product can help increase the selling power, so that it can increase the income of the craftsmen who produce these products.