Miky Endro Santoso

The process of creating this work uses the photomontage method with Adobe Photoshop CS6 on A3 paper. This work aims to commemorate the busy spice trade of the past, which was sometimes accompanied by wars between the local rulers and the VOC. This work is inspired by the longstanding maritime spice trade. The history of the archipelago, which is currently the territory of the Indonesian state, is part of the formation of the cross-island sea network in the archipelago itself. Indonesia is known as an archipelago and has long been known as a ” the land beneath the wind ” that lives in the sea route connecting East Asia and West Asia. The shipping of the spice trade depended heavily on the wind. When the east wind season blows, they sail south of Malacca, while in the west season the ship sails to the Lesser Sunda Islands (Nusa Tenggara) and the Spice Islands (Maluku), Buton Islands, Buru, Mindanao, Kai, and Aru (Meilink Roelofsz, 1962). Then came the VOC from the Netherlands who wanted to control the strategic area of ​​the Makassar-Ternate route. As a result, there was a war between Sultan Himayatudin (1752-1755) and the VOC. In the collective memory of the Buton indigenous people, this event is commemorated as the Kaheruna Walanda Period (Dutch Riot Period) (Zuhdi, S., Effendy, 2014).