Audrya Anastasya Varell Ardyanto

3S Taste ( Spicy, Sweet, Sour ). This work contains three kinds of spices, namely Chilies and their seeds, Peppers and their seeds, and Garlic. And i will color this work with various colors of poster paint, markers and brushes. 3S Taste is inspired by Chili which is known to give a spicy taste that contains Capsaicin, the more the Capsaicin is getting spicy, so it is often used as a flavoring. Apart from being a flavoring, Chili can help our health as well as improve digestion, relieve stress, maintain heart health, and others. Then there are Peppers for the second inspiration, which is actually classified as Capsicum resembles chili, but not too spicy. Peppers comes in a variety of colors (yellow, green, red, and orange) and flavors (sweet, sour, with a little bit of spicy taste) which are perfectly fine for flavoring. In addition, Peppers has a role for health even though is almost the same as chili. Then the third one is Garlic, garlic is a complementary food which is always used to add the taste of a dish. Besides having a delicious taste, Garlic contains the active compound allicin which can kill common disease germs such as colds and flu, coughs, and sore throat. And these compounds can treat acne too, because Allicin is known as antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiseptic to help kill acne germs. So I conclude that Chili, Peppers, and Garlic are a very good combination, where there is a spicy, sour, sweet taste accompanied by an alluring aroma.