Erika Ernawan

Mixed Media

The spice trading routes is one of the exotic histories of the Indonesia nation. Indonesian geographic location is a bless, which is on the equator. Nutmeg which thrives in Banda Island, Maluku has a high value as a commodity for the world trade in spices. De Trouwe Amboness is a nickname given by a Dutch orientalist to describe the character of a strong loyal Ambonese. I interpret this as a faithful human who protecting the land. The work I create will respond the color from nutmeg in a form of non-conventional painting using mixed media and medium. Formalism is an old genres in painting to find “values” in formal matters, such as color, shape, line, texture, compotition and other visual- perceptual aspects. Red is typical color of thin skin which wrap around the nutmeg. Passion, bravery and strength are defined with red, also red is the most attractive color. This work was created by reconstructing and redefinition the color of the Nutmeg to celebrate and extend the “aesthetics value” and the history of spices.