Lusiana Limono

The idea is to create a textile as a form of domestic craft, made mostly by women, using spices mostly available in Indonesian home kitchen. Kitchen is space, textile is cultural product. Both are attached and very close to women activities. The artwork means to remind us that spices not only used for food seasoning, aphrodisiac, and healthy drinks, but also used in textile dyeing since a long time ago in many traditional indigenous people.
The artwork will be a shawl / stole as wearable textile artwork. This form is related to the function quality in craft products. In order to create the artwork, domestic crafting technique will be used. Using simple tools and many techniques that can easily made at home such as crochet, knitting, embroidery, macramé. These techniques are familiar to many woman and crafter. Spices will be used for dyeing the fibers and material, based on the recipe from J.E. Jasper and Mas Pirngadie book: “Seni Kerajinan Pribumi di Hindia Belanda” (2017). The books are Indonesian version of “De Inlandsche Kunstnijverheid in Nederlandsch Indie” (1912). Textile as a material culture produced by women in domestic area. Spices are ingredients available in the kitchen. This relationship between textile, spices, women, and domestic space and activity inspire me to create artwork. Artwork that reminds me of our rich culture, the role of woman in cultural production, domestic space as a work space.

Material: 100% spun bamboo yarn
Ingredients: candlenut, onion, garlic, chili, turmeric, galangal, curcuma, clove, nutmeg, gambier, pepper, indigo, sesame oil, sappan wood, black cumin, annatto seed, angkak, tamarind, asam kandis, asam lawak, asam gelugur, lime, lemon.
Product: table runner
Size: 30 cm x 48 cm