Wieke Tasman

Spices have been known to humans for a long time ago. It is used besides to enhance flavor in food, also for medical purposes. The hunt for spice encouraged traders to a long journey which is thousand of miles. Maritime spice routes are linking Asia with Europe, and left a trail of cultural heritage along the spice route.

My artwork is an illustration about how spices left a cultural heritage in some countries along the route in maritime trade, especially in the culinary. From east to west spices used in their food, to make a distinctive flavor of their own. Most Indonesian traditional cuisine is rich in spices. In Indonesia, traditionally spices are placed in ‘Coet’ , then mixed and grinned with ‘Mutu’, Indian food had its own traditional spices to enhance its flavor. Italian food represent western food, which have their own tool to grinds pepper. The illustration intend to remind us of our natural wealth, spices.