Kenny Louis Ng

Ksatria Bunga Lawang is created using digital painting technique. This character inspired from anise star and combination between tiger and robot, the motive of this artwork is to introduce everyone about anise star for young generation and the purpose of this artwork is for a introduction culture to foreign countries about Indonesian herbs and spices. (Story) Ksatria Bunga Lawang is a tiger who live alone. It parents and flocks were killed by the mad monsters. Soon it become a survivor and the human government pay some attention to it and order people to catch it for the research in the lab. Ksatria Bunga Lawang have an armor suit that basically came out from an anise star amulet. This amulet was stolen from the lab when it was trying to escape from the lab. Lately, it finds out that this amulet has big power like make people who use it turns using an armor suit. The suit is powered by anise star amulet. It can blast a laser beam, produce a smell like anise star to make enemy get high. It also can heals wound and prevent mold infections.