Erick Ricardo

Capraqua is a game character that I created by myself, this character is an amalgamation of human and animal, the purpose of making this work is to introduce Indonesian spices, one of which is cloves, through this game character, inviting the younger generation to get to know more about the spices that are used. exist in Indonesia. I created this illustration using Procreate with stylus pencil. By using a soft and hard brush. The reason I made the character of a goat with water elements was inspired by the Chinese zodiac, namely “water goat” in 1943. Capraqua is a half goat goddess and the mixing of the water elements in her body, she has a stick that functions to emit the scent of cloves and smoke with just one beat and can stretch very far and can tie people like ropes by releasing the scent of cloves which makes the enemy feel dizzy and faint instantly. This stick was given by his parents, who are the god of the goat and the goddess of water, with the aim that this capraqua can protect themselves and cure diseases from the use of these cloves. With the nature of the capraqua that is easy to help others and likes peace and love, both parents hope that this stick can be used as well as possible.