Camarray Taraka Prattiwa

A turtle demon who mastered various moves and spells to fight the imbalances in the universe. Having the ultimate power can manipulate space and time by concentrating positive energy from the universe using an ancient ginger stick he obtained with a sacred ceremony that involves him having to meditate on the top of Mount Mahameru for 10 years and close with a vow to maintain peace and balance the universe forever. .
Dang Hijang Amerta can travel time with the help of the power concentrated in the ancient ginger stick which allows him to Return to the past where the universe was unbalanced and evil was dominating.
Dang Hijang Amerta’s meditation place is at the top of the Sundanese mountain, which is the mountain where all knowledgeable people in the archipelago live. Dang Hijang Amerta can also change his body shape into a 5 dimensional creature and sometimes he whispers advice to people who are having trouble making decisions without that person realizing his existence. Several incidents that occurred in the archipelago, such as whispering Roro Jongrang to ask Bandung Bondowoso and trick him to raise the dawn. As well as helping Pandavas win the Mahabaratha war against the Kauravas in the Kadangetra field.
The weakness that Dang Hijang Amerta has is in his ancient ginger stick because he divides his soul into that staff with the aim that he can keep the balance of the universe longer, but if he betrays the stick, (giving the stick to others willingly), the staff It will destroy some of the souls of the Dang Hijang Amerta who are on the stick and make him die.