Naomi Sarita Hidayat

I named this character grasshoppie, it is a combination of fairy and grasshopper who has a protagonist character and beautiful looking to protect the farmers who are harvesting from all the distress that wants to destroy the work
of the farmers in the fields. I created this character manually drawn on drawing paper and using poster colors.
Inspired by Tinkerbell who is appearance as a fairy and the dress made from a leaf. So many spices that Indonesia has, one of which is chili. Chili is one of the spices favored by most Indonesians and is used in almost all Indonesian
dishes. Therefore, I add chili as a weapon (used like a gun) to this character with the advantage of helping farmers eradicate pests that wants to destroy the farmers’ crops. Residents like the existence of grasshoppy as a protector of
the farmers’ crops that provide significant benefits to them.