Richard Vladimir

Robicken is a game character that I created myself, the name is a combination of Robot and Chicken, this character was created to introduce Indonesian spices, one of which is Anise Star. The character of this game invites the young generation of Indonesia to get to know Indonesian spices more and also inspires the younger generation who likes games, so that they can make their own game characters and can better use Indonesian elements including the spices, so that better known by Indonesians themselves and outsiders. The main strength of this character is Anise Star itself because this character is a support role, which gives strength to his teammates so that his movements become fast and gives them the power to quickly heal when hit by enemy attacks, besides providing fast movement to this character so that not easily hit by enemy attacks even if only a support role character. The nature of this character is made to be able to help others to create peace for their loved ones and others. And another reason for creating this character is because it is inspired by robot games and also uses animals that are rarely used to be combined, and to tell people to be more creative in making game characters.