Yohana Stefany Darmawan

This work entitled “Danger” is inspired by one of the Indonesian spices, namely large red chilies. Chili has a variety of colors like rainbow colors, but the most important is red. The big red chili itself does not come from Indonesia, the big red chili was brought to Southeast Asia with the 2000s of other plant species to Indonesia in the 16th century by Portuguese and Spanish sailors. In Indonesia, large red chilies are made into various kinds of unique chili preparations, which have characteristics in each region, so that various types of chili sauce are created that have a spicy and unique sensation in each region. The concept of the work that will be made has the concept of “Queen of Chili” which means the queen of chilies. The concept will be outlined in the form of conceptual fashion illustrations. A common color that large red chilies have is red, the color red interprets something dangerous, and it is energizing. The bright red color represents strength as well as confidence. The red color is then symbolized in the work through the figure of a woman who has expressions and poses that are strong, energetic, and dangerous like a queen. The type of clothing chosen is cocktail fashion with domination of red color. The fashion style and accessories are subjected to a luxurious image with silhouettes, colors, and textures inspired by large red chilies. The object’s background depicts the shape of chili. Fashion illustration made in colored pencils and watercolors on paper. The aim of this conceptual illustration work is to show the symbolism of the role of red chilies as one of the basic spices in many regions in Indonesia.