Rani Wulan

Grand Hotel Preanger, built-in 1897, is a former colonial hotel building in the city of Bandung that is still maintained its functions and characteristics to this day. The hotel, which is strategically located because of the Grote Postweg traversing, was originally established by redeveloping a “guesthouse” Herber and the Thiem Hotel building and the shop next to it managed by C. P. E. Loheyde. The Dutch, who are predominantly plantation owners in Priangan, often come to the Loheyde-owned shop to buy their daily necessities. In 1897 ownership of the shop, as well as the Thiem Hotel, changed hands to W. H. C. van Deeterkom. Deeterkom finally intended to combine the small shop and hotel he had bought with the Herberg on his side into a bigger hotel. The architectural style of the building applied is a geometric Art Deco style that is more modern. The Art Deco concept on the facade of the building is still maintained today.