Aqila Huwaida

Tjong A Fie’s house is a house on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Kesawan, Medan, North Sumatra that was built by Tjong A Fie, a Hakka trader [Hakka; is one of the largest Han Chinese groups in the Republic of China.], which owns a lot of plantation land in Medan. He was later appointed as Majoor der Chineezen in Medan and led the construction of the Medan-Belawan railroad. During his lifetime, Tjong A Fie also ran businesses in the palm oil sector, sugar factories, banking and railroad companies. This house was completed in 1900 and is designed in Chinese, European, Malay and Art-deco architectural styles. When you first enter the Tjong A Fie Mansion you will see the right and the left sides filled with various photos of Tjong A Fie as well as photos of Tjong A Fie with his family, in the middle of the room there are some furniture, such as dining table, dining chairs and some other furniture. Behind the dining table is a high door with carved gold details, in one of the other rooms there is also a ceiling with detailed paintings of birds that fill almost all parts of the ceiling.