Revanny Puja Rezky

The building used to be the first cinema in Bandung, which was built in 1925. Before having the name De Majestic, the building originally had the name Concordia. In its sweet history, De Majestic was the first cinema in this city and was a successful cinema screened the first film in Indonesia, namely “Loetoeng Kasaroeng” on its premiere December 31, 1926.

On February 2008, De Majestic (former AACC building) held a concert as well as the release of the launching of Band BESIDE’s first album, entitled “Against Oursleves”. The enthusiasm of the spectators who attended the event was very large and beyond the capacity of the building which could accommodate a maximum of 500 people. However, at that time the audience who came was over the capacity, which was almost 1,000 more.

Majestic Cinema has an Art Deco architectural style. This can be clearly seen from the building facade
and its ornamentation. Rigid geometric shapes can be seen throughout the facade. There is
also setback on the top of the building. Many ornaments are in the form of decoration panels. Surface
the walls of the building have a smooth texture. This style is commonly used in buildings
in the Bragaweg area at the time. The Societeit Concordia building which is next to the building
Majestic Cinema also uses Art Deco style. The Dutch at that time were also more
likes western style buildings, because they think that they will not stay
long time in Indonesia.