Dita Aprilia Dwiputri Utami

The Old Town of Ampenan defined by the government as a Network of Indonesian Heritage Cities (JKPI). In the 19th century, or about the year 1896 the City of Ampenan used as a Port that connects to the various lines of the Port between the regions. The city is built around 1924 by the Dutch to compensate for the kingdom on the island of Bali. Around the City of Ampenan there is a beach called Ampenan beach, on the Dutch colonial period into the center of the economy of the island of Lombok, so it is utilized as a center of trade and export port between ethnic groups. Because it is citizens of the inhabitants of the Old City of Ampenan consists of various tribes. There are Arab village, Bugis village, the hometown of Chinese and much more. Buildings in the Old Town of Ampenan on Dutch colonial period, used as offices and warehouses, up to this point still used as a warehouse and shops without changing the architecture.