Janessa Angelica

Inspired by the authenticity taste of Indonesia spices, this artwork raise Wine Nutmeg as the main theme. As we know, Siau Island, North Sulawesi, has the best quality nutmeg in Indonesia. It’s because Siau Island has a rocky topography, so the nutmeg trees will live in dry place. However, there is a lack of awareness from the local community to utilize the nutmeg. One day, a French Wine Sommelier invited some people of the Beong Village, Siau Island to hold a training in processing nutmeg into a nutmeg wine. Nutmeg wine has a special taste and good efficacy for our body. It comes with dark brown colour with a typical aroma of Indonesian spice, nutmeg. Once sipped of this drink will give warm sensation to our body within few seconds. “Most tourists come here to look for nutmeg wine. They really like it. There is tourists from Japan who said that the taste of nutmeg wine in Siau is better than other wine.” said Barik, one of the villager. Unfortunately, Indonesian people are not familiar with this nutmeg wine. Maybe because the lack of publicity about this wine in Indonesia. Hopefully nutmeg wine can be more widely known and have the opportunity to become an object to improving Indonesian gastrodiplomacy.

On this opportunity, the author pours the inspiration above into a digital artwork, concrete in conceptual fashion illustration. Where this work describes a photo of an old woman enjoying the nutmeg wine under a beautiful sunset, also decorated with a frame on the outside, as if this photo is a memory of the history of the island Siau. This artwork dominant comes with primary colour, with full illustration pattern inside.