Yuma Chandrahera

For hundreds of years, spices have become a very valuable trading commodity, even known as green gold. Spices from various regions on the silk route are transported and traded to various regions, especially to Europe and other places. The silk route from Venice Europe stretches for thousands of kilometers through the regions of Egypt, Persia, India, China and even Indonesia which is an important part of its development. From this route, spices are the main part of this legendary trade route commodity. On that basis, it would be very interesting to make a shop that sells almost all of the spices in this silk route completely, with a spatial atmosphere that is representative of some of the main areas through which this silk route, such as China, Persia and India. In addition, because each spice is unique and has a special storage and display method, there is a need for a special design for each type of spice, and it would be better if it had information about these spices is presented as an educational medium for customers who come.