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Welcome to Maritime Spice Trading Routes and Cultural Encounters in Indo-Pacific 2021 Art Gallery

The search of spice initiated many expeditions to find the most effective and productive route in spice trade. Those expeditions did not only find the origin of spice producer, but also set up colonies and even new continents. The route became significant because along the route, many nations collide and left many legacies of life that exist until today. Some of these legacies are still exist with certain outstanding universal values, both to the countries and to the whole world. These irreplaceable values that can be found in many countries along the spice route show the wealth of world heritage that needs to be recognized and preserved.

Maritime Spice Route, also known as Maritime Silk Routes, the routes are linking Asia with Europe. To the north of Indonesia it stretches from South China region through South China Sea to the archipelago. To the west the route from Maluku (Moluccas) archipelago through Indian Ocean to Middle East, then crosses the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. Apart from the exchange of commodities, another important output is the cultural exchange: insight into foreign people with their customs, language, art, and knowledge. The trading ports along the Maritime Spice Road becoming hubs for global relationship.

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