Uno Flatu 2019







October 18th – 23th, 2019


Theme : Re-Creation


Date                      : October 18th – 23th, 2019

Opening              : October 18th, 2019 (3.00 p.m)

Venue                  : Exhibition Hall, Ground Floor, B Building

  Maranatha Christian University

  Jl. Prof.drg. Surya Sumantri, M.P.H. no.65 bandung, West Java, Indonesia


UNO FLATU first held in 2008 and became an icon of Faculty of Arts & Design, Maranatha Christian University. This event initially featured our own Faculty member art/design works.  Since 2017, we invite our university partners to feature their lecturer art/design works on this event.  You only need to send digital file of art/design works and we will feature the printed artworks in the venue and in the exhibition catalogue.  The emphasis of this exhibition is to gain public knowledge about our lecturers’ expertises and international academic network with our outstanding university partners from Malaysia, China,  Japan, South Korea.



Culture is the form or proof of human mind progressive existence, whether it is personal or collective. The existence of culture distinguishes human from other creatures. Traditional culture is typically a collective process that integrates with the value of humanity teachings. These teachings are commonly shared over the course of generations under the same standard patterns, which can be identified as the main characteristics of the tradition itself.  Culture shall evolves over time as it represents development of human thought, as well as traditional culture.  Among this evolving process, there are some other cultures from outside that might affect the previous culture evolutionarily (acculturation), so that new cultures are formed… On the other hand, non-traditional cultures (commonly referred to modernism), constantly  growing in such progressive way, with a culture interacts with another culture, then raises a new culture. This is called neo-culturalism, leading the emergence of multidisciplinary, multiethnic, and multiperspective culture, which gradually shaped multiculturalism. 


In the visual arts field, this phenomenon is represented with every cultural artifacts, both traditional and modern. The culture, its flow and its progressivity, can be visually presented by the rich application of visual elements, medias, and techniques in the artifacts. For academician, the exploration of the neo culturalism discourse for creating art can be delightful and beautiful. It might become a reference to create novelty in art works in the area of theme, technique, and media. The concept is indeed related to the concept of postmodernism (contemporary art).


Re-creation is the main theme of current Unoflatu exhibition.  Of course “re-creation’ here does not literally refer to relaxing activities of human mind and body, to rejuvenate from the exhaustion of daily routine.  Re-creation can be interpreted as an effort to “re-create”, or an effort to re-create works that previously existed visually (artefact). For example, a traditional work of art can be re-elaborated or re-create with new techniques, so that it becomes a new visualization. Re-creation can be interpreted as a condition where a person has the ability to change, elaborate, reduce, revitalize, reconstruct and even restructure existing concepts, then freely embodied, expressed, or applied in a work of art in a novelty, both visually, technically, dimensions, and media. We expect the exhibitors can be refreshed through the aesthetic pleasure of this exhibition.


To submit your works:

Submission deadline (online) : September 20th, 2019


Terms & Conditions:

  • Type of work: Design works (works of Graphic design, Fashion design, Animation, Product design) and artwork, actual works painting, sculpture, installation, etc.)
  • Each university could send only up to 3 files of art/design work from each different artist/lecturer, due to limited space on the venue. Please send the file in .jpg format with minimum resolution of 300dpi.  Notice that every artwork will be printed on A1-size board with template for this exhibition.
  • For multimedia or timeline-based art/design work, the file should be in MP4 video format, Codec: Codec : H.264, resolution in 1080P (Full HD) 1920x1080px, with maximum duration of 8 minutes, and the file size not exceeding 100 MB). As for the catalogue content, please send maximum 4 panel pictures chosen from the video file.
  • Each image file name must be saved as LastName-FirstName_UniversityName, for example: Smith-John_MaranathaChristianUniv.jpg
  • Please add the information in the online form: 1) Full Name, 2) Dept.or Study Program and Faculty, 4) University, 5) Title of the artwork/project, 6) Medium and dimension of artwork and 7) Brief concept of the artwork (limited to 200 words).
  • In case you might need to send bigger files with other file-sharing option, you shall address it to



Email:, IG: unoflatumaranatha