Valeria Vanessa

Indonesia is one of the places in the world that gifted by God for having many spice. Such as nutmeg, pepper, clove, vanilli, ginger, cinnamon and so many more. Due to that reason, Indonesia became one of country that participated in spice route. The spice route start from the east to west. Ternate was the first island that visited. On 1511, the Sultan of Ternate helped and welcomed the Portuguese ship crew sent by the adventurer Alfonso de Albuqurqe to the Ternate region. His move had a major impact on the opening of the spice trade route to Ternate. I intended to show traditional garment of nobles and Sultan of Ternate called “ Manteren Lamo” and “Kimun Gia”. Moreover, I also use cloves as an additional element to reminisce the fact that the island were once the world’s single major producer of cloves and called as the “ Spice Island” of Maluku.