Greta Anggun Krista

Gedung Cerutu is one of the buildings used in the era of Dutch Colonialism. The governors of Dutch immigrated to the land of Nusantara to claim the commodity of spices that was one of the important commodities in world trading. In the era of colonialism, Gedung Cerutu was used as a sugar trading office. Gedung Cerutu was built by Dutch architect bureau, AIA Aristect. The building was established in 1916 by Maatschappij Tot Exploitatie van Het Bureau Gebroeders Knaud. However the building the used as Bank Bumi Daya Office and Said Oemar Bagil Office. This Building is located in Jl. Rajawali no.7, Krembangan Selatan, Kec. Krembangan, Surabaya. Gedung Cerutu has 2 buildings, the main one and a tower at the right side of the building. The building is called Gedung Cerutu because there is a tower that people consider looks alike with cigars (Cerutu). The building keeps the architecture of
Dutch Colonial era with whitewashed walls, wide windows, and a tower as a watchtower.