Muhammad Fadhel Imam

This hotel is a former resting place of spice traders the predecessor of this hotel is the Hotel Homann, owned by the Homann family, known for Mother Homann’s delicious rijsttafel. In 1939, the current building was designed with an art deco ocean wave design by Albert Aalbers. To emphasize its greatness, the word “Savoy” was added, which was added in 1940 and remained so into the 1980s. Then in 1987-1990 major renovations were carried out. This hotel can be entered from two directions, the main door from Jl. Asia Afrika and can enter / exit Jl. Dalem Kaum, as well as having an inner courtyard (away from the main road), guests can also enjoy breakfast in the open air.
After Indonesia’s Independence, the Hotel was owned by the H.M. Saddak. In 1987 H.M. Saddak sold it, and ownership transferred to the H.E.K Ruhiyat family, at that time the hotel name changed to “Savoy Homann Panghegar Heritage.” Then (1997) H.E.K Ruhiyat sold his shares (which later the shares were sold 100%) to the Foundation owned by Bank Indonesia Employees, and the name of the hotel changed again to Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel.