Lois Denissa

Majapahit royal ship is deserve to be named Gargantua because it was large and triumphant at sea for centuries. In history, Majapahit has gargantua of up to 400 ships called Jung Java, which means big ships in the Java Sea. This ship, which has the capability of carrying 1000 crew, is a warship as well as a transport ship that controls the spice routes between Maluku, Java and Melaka. This ship has a length of 50 fathoms, 10 fathoms wide, 4-7m high, with a weight ranging from 250-1000 tons. Evidence of Javanese expertise in shipping has been immortalized in 10 reliefs of Borobudur temple, 7th century AD. The legacy of Gargantua is no longer there, the traces of it are gone, except for historical writings, some of which were from China which wrote down Jung Java’s prowess in the sea. Capturing the embryo of this ship in the form of watercolor paintings is hoped to be a reminder and pride for the young and old generations that before the colonial era our ancestors had triumphed in the seas. Maritime life is the real history of the lives of our ancestors, which is beautifully sculpted in the reliefs of the Borobudur temple, I hope that the spirit and spirit of maritime will continue to burn in real action and work in the present and in the future.