Finna Amelinda

The idea of this artwork is to make a game character based on a fusion between human form and animal, also to represent one of the iconic Indonesian spice, anise star. Within this artwork, I hope people would be more curious to know about Indonesia. Not just about the spice, but about the overall culture.I made this illustration with digital painting technique by using Photoshop with hard brush. The overall illustration was done at 28th of February 2021. Eden has the skill to shoot with her anise star weapon. Other than being good with her weapon, she is also skilled in martial arts such as Karate. Hard working and smart in making plan arrangements, she also has a beautiful face that can manipulate her enemies in a second. Her humor sense is also immaculate, which makes her an easy going person. The anise star weapon has its sharp edges that made it so dangerous. The weapon only belongs to its master, which means it cannot be use with anyone else other that Eden. With her courage and motivation, she hopes she can make this world a better place. She has a really big empathy, which made her a wonderful character. But that empathy is also her weakness, making her enemy’s favorite to manipulate with.