Priska Saviourien Adimercya

The concept of this character is the mixing of a story from Europe with Indonesian spices. The story from Europe is the story of Swan Lake, then Indonesian spices are found in Odette’s weapon in the form of Cengkih (cloves). This character is a game character for children. Seeing that today’s children prefer to play digital games, I created this character with the aim of introducing Indonesian spices through games. I named this character Odette The Magic Clove Princess, she’s wore a white ballet dress and had a very powerful weapon, the clove. This game is an adventure game solving puzzles, collecting keys to open doors and collecting cloves to make her Magic Clove become more stronger at each level. Odette is a princess who is abandoned in the forest and has the skills to dance ballet. He tried to return to his place of origin, namely the Krasivaya Kingdom through the instructions that were in her hand at the time. Halfway through, Odette meets a terrible criminal who wants a weapon that is owned by Odette. The villain is named Gribby who is a large Ogre. I wanted to make this masterpiece digitally and use warm colors, then the background is a forest.