Agathon Eka Yudha

Tranquilo is the name of a character that I created. I made this artwork using digital painting techniques through the Adobe Photoshop application using soft and hard brushes. I got this character inspiration from Indonesian spices, namely curly chilies, in Indonesia chili is one of the spices that is always in every dish. Tranquilo which in Spanish means calm, really describes the characteristic that tranquilo has. This character is an elf who resides in a village called Natuna. He is gifted with the power of fire that can be extracted from chilies, but with his calm and intelligent, Tranquilo will only use his powers when he is in a state of anger. For example, to fight against the Furia elf group which aims to destroy the Natuna village elves and have the ambition to seize the area. Of course he will use his strength to fight against the Furia. His goal is to keep Natuna Village safe and in the end the villagers can live in peace.