Kevin Ardhaffa Naro

The islands of the archipelago, which are famous for their various spices, have attracted various nations from all over the world. Traders from Asia, the Middle East, and even Europe used ships as the main means of transportation to travel long distances to reach the archipelago. One of the many spices found is Candlenut. In general, candlenut is widely processed into various health products. Candlenut oil is widely used to treat joint pain, heal burns, cut wounds, sunburns, to increase the work of the immune system. The seeds of this plant from Hawaii are taken to be used as oil and become hazelnut oil. Candlenut oil has long been used for healthy hair and skin. These benefits come from the various ingredients in hazelnut oil, such as glycerides, linoleic acid, protein, vitamin B1, vitamin E, and minerals that are good for health. This poster design uses a combination of 8 typography alignment systems, namely Radial-Axial; Random-Grid; Bilateral- Dilatational; Transitional-Modular. The background color is predominantly orange. Using Arial black and Luminari letters for easy reading. The aim of this work is to inform the benefits of hazelnut oil for a more attractive skin and hair health.