Habibah Hasniah

Ford Rotterdam is one of the buildings in the form of a fort which became a storage place (warehouse) for the spice trade. ford rotterdam whose name is built is Fort Edge of View. Initially this fort was made of clay, but during the reign of the 14th King of Gowa Sultan Alauddin, the construction of this fort was turned into solid rock originating from the Karst Mountains in the Maros region. Ford Rotterdam is the center of herb-growing in Eastern Indonesia. Until about 200 years the Dutch used this fort as the center of government, economy and various activities. In 1937 the ownership of Fort Rotterdam by the Dutch East Indies Government was transferred to the Fort Rotterdam Foundation. This fort registered as a member of Indonesia’s cultural heritage on May 23, 1940. and is now one of Indonesia’s cultural heritages. also known as the turtle fort, because the fort in it resembles a turtle when viewed from above.