Ariella Alandra Lomantojo

Kebonrojo Post Office (Kantor Pos Kebonrojo) is one of the buildings that are related to the spice trade which is located on Jalan Kebonrojo No.10, Surabaya. This building was used to facilitate shipments of things related to the spice trade. This building is a very historical place which makes this building had several times switching functions and is operating as a post office until now. Having built since 1800 as Surabaya Regent’s Office which later on was used as Hogere Burger School (HBS) in 1923 and many other functions such as the Head Commissioner building in Surabaya (Hoofdcommissariaat van Politie), military headquarters, and also a post office made this building experience several renovations. However, this building still has a strong impression of Dutch colonial architecture until now. Kebonrojo Post Office architect is G.P.J.M. Bolsius from Burgerlijke Openbare Werken (BOV) Department Batavia. This building is one of many historical buildings in Surabaya that is influenced by Dutch colonial architecture.