Ni Komang Ayu Sari Undari Yani

The building was built by Dutch architects, Chinese architects, Balinese artists and the role of the king of Karangasem

Puri Agung Karangasem is also called Puri Kanginan or Puri Amlapura. Puri officially occupied by the king or ruler of Karangasem between 1894–1908. The location and address of Puri Karangasem on Jalan Sultan Agung, Amlapura City.Puri agung karangsem is very unique because it uses the concept of Tri Mandala and the name of the building that is adapted from the name of the city in the Netherlands. This castle was used as the residence of the king and dutch office in his time to facilitate the arrangement of all agreements on spices or other things. Puri Agung building is built with a blend of Balinese, European and Chinese architectural styles. including this Puri Karangasem building, you can see balinese architectural sculptures on a number of statues and walls of the castle, Chinese architecture is seen on the doors, windows,colours and a number of other ornaments, while European architecture is seen in the design of the main building. Puri Agung Karangasem is also used as a place for activities and creativity of community culture, an ideal place to enjoy, develop and preserve various types of art including tabuh art and dance art.