Aureil Putri Yudhistira

Staatsspoorwegen is the name of a railway company in the Dutch East Indies which was founded on April 6, 1875. On September 16, 1893, the Cibatu-Tasikmalaya railway line was completed, and continued with the construction of a railway line to Banjar which was completed on November 1, 1894.

In 1910, from Tasikmalaya Station a 17 kilometer rail line was built to Singaparna which took one year. The construction of this route was originally used to transport mining products, such as coal and manganese, which are commonly found in the southern part of Tasikmalaya. In addition, the route in this city is also a route to supply food and clothing needs that are sent from outside the city to the economic center, the Main Market of Tasik City. So that this route was also built for the economic route from the city of Tasikmalaya to Singaparna. The Tasikmalaya-Singaparna route is now no longer there.

One of the characteristics of this station is that the roof of the station is made with a crown like a satay building in Bandung. The front view of the main station building is very different from other typical Staatspoorwegen station buildings, namely the roof elements of the station building are saddle-shaped, but in the middle are trimmed and there is a triple roof which uses a wooden structure. The middle part of the building serves as a pass in and out of passengers. The ceiling of the building is made high from the elongated part of the building. On the face of the lowest wall there is a mount roof that reads Tasikmalaya + 349 m, which means that the location of Tasikmalaya Station is 349m above sea level.