Aditya Prawiratama

Gedung Merdeka is one of the buildings related to the spice trades during the Dutch colonial period. Founded in 1895, this building was built on the initiative of Dutch businessmen, tea garden owners, officers, dignitaries and other circles who came from the Netherlands and live in Bandung. After the building was completed, the Concordia association moved from Warung De Vries under the name “Concordia”.
Gedung Merdeka itself was originally a SociÌÇteit Concordia building, which was a place for recreation and socialization for a number of Dutch expatriates who lived in Bandung during the Dutch occupation. This building is a place for plantation employees, businessmen, military and civilian officials to gather, dance, watch a show or just have dinner. There is a strict prohibition for indigenous people to enter the area of this building which reads “Verbodden voor Honden en Inlander” (no entry for dogs and natives).