Agita Qolby Nurahma

Lemongrass is an Indonesian spice that is rich in benefits, one of which is to maintain endurance and antioxidants. Lemongrass also has a visually attractive shape and has a gradation color from white to green beautify the look of lemongrass itself. Lemongrass also has a distinctive aroma and can relax a person psychically. Lemongrass has 2 points at once that is Healthy / Rich in benefits and also Beautiful.

Work Function :
In addition to being an Armature lamp and can illuminate in darkness, this armature can also be healthy and beneficial for the physical, psychological, and environmental. Because there is a diffuser feature in the armature so that it emits and gives a therapeutic aroma and sterilizes the circulation of dirty air. Similarly, Lemongrass can give a relaxing aroma to a person and their environment.